This is a helpful guide about buying ventilation equipment for DIY home ventilation projects. It gives insight into materials, pricing, and availability.


Cigarette smoke, dust, soot, bacteria, molds, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, radon, pesticides, and vapors from scores of household cleansers and building materials are just some of the contaminants that may be tainting your home’s air.

“Sufficient evidence exists to conclude that indoor air pollution represents a major portion of the public’s exposure to air pollution,” states a report issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.



High indoor humidity can be a serious problem, too. Humid air encourages mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, which are health hazards. In winter, condensation collects on windows and can damage paint, insulation, roofs, and exterior walls. And in summer, high humidity feels uncomfortable and strains air conditioning.

Then again, a little humidity is important to a home’s comfort, particularly in the winter.

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Proper ventilation inside a house is important for any number of reasons. The most obvious is comfort.


Ventilation fans exhaust built-up indoor air pollution, unwanted odors, and high levels of humidity.



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良好的阁楼通风至关重要。夏季,通风不当的阁楼可以捕获热量并将其辐射到下面的房间,将压力放在空调 - 和钱包上。


Hot air trapped in the attic during winter can also cause snow to melt at the top of your roof and then refreeze at the cooler eaves, leading to ice buildup and, possibly, roof leaks. The solution for the problems of both seasons is to install attic vents that allow warm air to flow out and cooler air to be brought in.



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