some home improvements are absolutely worth doing yourself, while others may be best left in the hands of a pro. The tipping point is generally a factor of your tools, skills, and knowledge—and the job’s complexity. The good news is that most home projects are doable with a little expert guidance. Here you’ll find the necessary step-by-step illustrated instructions for common home projects.

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经过Don Vandervort, HomeTips.com

©Don Vandervort,Hometips
©Don Vandervort,Hometips

tearing out a plaster wall gives dust and debris new meaning.

Are you considering jumping headfirst into a home DIY project? If you are, take a moment to consider a few important preliminary steps. Home improvements—especially big improvements—can be like a Chinese puzzle in complexity, with interlocking parts that must proceed in exactly the right direction and order or it simply doesn’t work.

Planning is key. It’s critically important to be clear about your goals and to develop a plan for achieving them. Whether you’re adding a room, building a deck, installing new cabinets, or just replacing a faucet, spending a little extra time planning before you actually launch your project can make the process much smoother and your results far more successful.


1set your priorities.分解计划的各个要素,并评估每个元素的重要性。大多数人都希望快速,廉价,高质量的效果。通常,您可以选择其中两个。如果您想要快速且便宜,那么它不会是高质量的机会。如果您想要快速和高质量,那么它的价格就不会便宜。等等。

2Estimate the cost.没有什么比由于缺乏资金而停止在项目中途停止进展的更糟糕的了。要准确地预期成本,您必须做一些功课。首先访问家庭中心,以了解材料和固定装置将花费多少。此外,即使您打算做自己的工作或全部工作,最好从承包商或其他专业人员那里获得三项竞标。获取投标可以使您对工作所涉及的内容有所了解,并帮助您确定自己进行的潜在节省。在某些情况下,查看数字可能会说服您聘请专业人士。

建筑计划和建造者 ©Don Vandervort,Hometips


3Plan for any help you’ll need.Even when you do it yourself, you don’t have to do it BY yourself. Some jobs take two or more people to do safely and properly. Before you encounter those jobs, schedule help. Keep in mind that most home improvements involve a range of different tasks, each requiring knowledge and skills, from design and construction to plumbing, wiring, and finish work. Your overall project might go far more smoothly if you hire a pro for certain parts. For example, when remodeling your kitchen, you might want to install the flooring and cabinets yourself but bring in a plumber for installing new piping.


4收集您的工具和资源。w88优徳官方网站Before you begin, make sure you have on site the tools, materials, and other resources you’ll need to complete the work. If your current toolkit doesn’t include certain specialty tools, explore renting them.

wood framing in house construction ©Don Vandervort,Hometips


Key materials, fixtures, and appliances–such as tile, windows, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures–should be scheduled for delivery. Far too many people plunge into demolishing their old kitchen only to find that their new cabinets have been back ordered for delivery in twelve weeks.

5Explore the need for a permit.在开始重大改进之前,请访问您的城市或县建筑部门,以了解是否需要许可并发现任何分区或建筑要求。

确保你计划的改变是有可能的and legal before getting too far into planning. Chances are good that any room addition will be governed by setback and zoning limitations. If you intend to do your own work, be sure your town allows this. Some cities, for example, require electrical and/or plumbing work to be completed by a licensed professional. In most areas, permits are required for work that affects the structure of a house or that involves changing electrical wiring or plumbing.

You probably need a permit if you intend to alter the roofline, move a bearing wall, or reposition plumbing fixtures. You may not need one for installing new floor coverings, replacing doors and windows, or making minor repairs. If a permit is required, don’t proceed without it.

©Don Vandervort,Hometips
©Don Vandervort,Hometips


6Establish a timeline.挤出一块时间足够长,get the work done, and then set mileposts for completing phases of the work. Be aware that doing your own work will probably take you longer than you expect. In fact, it’s likely to take you twice as long. Within your timeline, account for the delivery time of anything that must be special ordered.

7set up your systems.With a major project, it’s usually a good idea to rent a dumpster and have it delivered before any major demolition begins; coordinate delivery with start-of-work so you don’t pay excessive rental fees. If contractors or other professionals will be involved in the project, set up a meeting to discuss logistics and the work that needs to be accomplished. This is also a good time to establish daily schedules and ground rules such as work hours, use of bathrooms, and so on. Be sure to ask for cell phone numbers for all of the key players.

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