寻找负担得起的,易于安装的地板to update a room? Laminate flooring, bamboo planks, or vinyl planks may be your answer. These popular types of DIY flooring can make a striking difference in a day or two!


vinyl hardwood flooring

DIY floors are very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of traditional硬木地板安装that requires a professional. As the DIY-flooring market continues to expand, manufacturers are always introducing new products, which means you’re likely to find flooring on sale for even better savings.


The installation process can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but each type comes pre-finished and can be installed as a floating floor, meaning it isn’t fastened to the subfloor. As a result, installation is quick and easy, even for first-time do-it-yourselfers.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is durable, easy to clean, and extremely scratch resistant. It has a dense MDF (medium-density fiberboard) core topped with a resilient, plastic-laminate layer.

Laminate flooring planks

强化地板有两种基本形式:宽木板和方瓷砖。两种类型都与舌沟接头一起折断 - 无需胶水或紧固件。


The two main advantages laminate flooring has over real-wood products are 1) it’s extremely resistant to staining, scratching, and wear and, 2) it costs considerably less than solid- or engineered-wood flooring. In terms of durability, many premium laminate floors come with a 30-year warranty.

Several companies make laminate flooring, so prices and quality can vary widely. Budget-priced products cost less than $1 per square foot; premium-quality laminate flooring starts at about $3 per square foot.



Bamboo Plank Flooring

关于竹地板,有很多值得喜欢的东西 - 价格合理,易于安装,有数十种颜色可供选择,并以环保的方式种植和收获。

Bamboo flooring, available in a wide range of wood tones, is a durable, sustainable alternative to hardwood.家得宝


And because it’s a grass, bamboo grows much faster than hardwoods. It is harvested after just four or five years versus the 30 to 60 years it takes before hardwood trees can be milled into flooring. This makes it a very eco-friendly, sustainable material.

Bamboo flooring comes pre-finished in two forms:

  • 工程竹是使用浮动地板方法安装的,非常适合DIYERS。宽阔的木板与改良的舌和槽关节一起捕捉。
  • 固体式地板的安装类似于传统的舌沟硬木地板。用乳胶,指甲或钉书钉固定在固定下,因此不像工程竹子那样友好。


有关更多信息,请参阅竹地板 - 您的家正确吗?

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring and floor tileshave been around for generations, but a relatively new type of vinyl flooring has taken the industry by storm—vinyl plank flooring. It comes in wide, thin strips—or “planks”—that resemble traditional hardwood floors. Unlike previous vinyl strip flooring that needed to be glued down, vinyl planks quickly snap together to form a floating floor.

vinyl plank flooring
乙烯基板、瓷砖d plank flooring comes in a wide range of hardwood lookalikes.家得宝

Vinyl planks are stain resistant, durable, and priced to fit even the tightest remodeling budget. The flexible planks range in width from six to nine inches and feature realistic wood-grain patterns that resemble several wood varieties, including oak, cherry, teak, pine, walnut, hickory, and maple. You can also choose from colors that are reminiscent of oil-based stains, natural wood tones, whitewash finishes, and weathered barn boards.

Vinyl plank flooring is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require the use of sticky adhesives or special fasteners. The newest types of vinyl plank flooring use one of two DIY-friendly installation methods:

  • 互锁的木板有舌和沟的关节,可以一起捕捉。
  • 握把木板与工厂应用的粘合剂一起粘在一起。请注意,握把板木板通过彼此粘附而不是地板来形成浮动地板。

Vinyl plank flooring can be installed directly over plywood or OSB subfloors, concrete slabs, and most existing floors, including wood, vinyl, and ceramic tiles. Manufacturer-approved installation methods vary, so be sure to read the installation instructions carefully before you begin.

Most grip-strip floors are water resistant, while some interlocking planks are waterproof. Interlocking vinyl planks typically cost $2 to $3 per square foot. Grip-strip planks cost slightly less, averaging $1.75 to $2 per square foot.

With several styles and colors available, DIY flooring can be an easy and affordable option to consider when redoing your home’s floors. A few tools and a little time are all it takes for an updated look that costs less than having new floors professionally installed.

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