Garbage disposals—sometimes called garbage disposers—are a cook’s best friend, grinding up and washing away kitchen refuse with the touch of a switch. If you are in the market for a new garbage disposal, this garbage disposal buying guide will show you that choosing one is a very simple process because your choices are limited.

From an environmental point of view, garbage disposals have pluses and minuses. They help minimize the amount of garbage that is delivered to landfills, but, in doing so, they require using significantly more water and energy, and they can strain septic systems and sewage treatment facilities. A good compromise is to compost food scraps whenever possible and use a disposer when not.





顶级垃圾分散器提供3/4 HP,绝缘不锈钢磨削组件和终身保修。Waste King

所有垃圾w88优德官网手机中文版处置sold in the United States are made by only a few companies, though they are branded with several names. InSinkErator makes eight out of 10 of them, with consumer ratings favoring the Waste King and Kenmore models in their group.




insinkeratorgarbage disposal in silver finish, over a white background.
顶级的内在器Excel Disposer确实可以用力磨削。Buy it now on Amazon. insinkerator


Higher power models will grind just about anything. With the top-endinsinkeratorEvolution Excel, for example, the disposer has multiple grinding stages that will fine-grind food, and do their job exceedingly quietly. With these, you can practically liquify celery, corn cobs, chicken bones, coffee grounds, and much more. Though this top-end model lists at over $600, you can buy it online for hundreds less.


Most garbage disposals interlock at the bottom of a sink’s standard drain outlet and are designed for easy connection. Various adapters and connection kits are available. They must be hard-wired or plugged into to a 120-volt receptacle with a 3- to 6-foot power cord that sometimes must be ordered separately. And they are connected to a drain pipe.

Continuous-feed disposals also have switches, which may be either electrical, wall-mounted type orcountertop air-pressure switches


Garbage disposal air switch kit, including power adapter, cable, and button covers.
w88优德官网手机中文版垃圾处理空气开关可以安装在台面或橱柜框架的孔中。Shop Now! insinkerator


Quiet Garbage Disposals




In fact, under certain sinks, such as stainless steel sinks, they can be quite noisy because of the vibration they cause. The best impellers (the blades inside) are stainless steel. An insulated, nylon grinding chamber, such as废物王的是安静的,防腐蚀的。


Garbage disposals can be rough on a septic system because they expel wastes that are difficult for the microorganisms in the septic tank to digest.

A black InSinkErator septic disposer, including a treatment-filled cartridge.

TheinsinkeratorSeptic Disposer每次激活处理器时,都采用一种新的注入技术,该技术将柑橘味的天然微生物注入研磨室。分配器将夹子夹在处理器的前部。当他们用完时,您可以购买replacements超过20美元。

This disposer lists for about $400 but can be bought online for much less.





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