Evaporative coolers, also known as “swamp coolers,” produce more effective cooling than traditional fans without the cost of air conditioning. This unbiased guide shows you how they work and how to buy the right one.

“我们应该插入粉丝或打开AC吗?”随着天气升温,这种困境通常在美国的家庭中重复。春季或初夏往往是那些年度夏季的热量不能再与粉丝缓解的时期 - 而且转移到空调似乎不必要地浪费和昂贵。


蒸发冷却器,因为他们的名字表明,蒸发 - 将水转化为水蒸气 - 降低环境温度并实现有效的冷却。与传统风扇相比,它们的主要优点是它们的低能耗,更有效的冷却,以及合理的成本。它们的缺点是它们对环境湿度的依赖性以及它们不会像空调那样冷静的事实。

In this overview, we will:

  • Describe how evaporative coolers work
  • 解释蒸发冷却器与风扇和空调的不同程度如何
  • 展示如何最好地使用蒸发冷却器
  • 帮助您为您的空间选择合适的冷却器

How Evaporative Coolers Work

Evaporative air coolers, as the name suggests, use the chemical process of evaporation to cool down hot air. To understand this, imagine a sweaty sensation on a hot summer’s day. The feeling is stifling until you stand in front of a fan, when its breeze evaporates the perspiration, leaving your body cool and dry. This works because heat energy is lost during the chemical conversion of liquid (perspiration) into water vapor.


Evaporative coolers are not fans…or air conditioners

Traditional fans circulate air without affecting a temperature drop. The refreshing feel of a powerful fan is due to the sensation on your skin rather than an actual change in ambient temperature. Air conditioners, on the other hand, do lower indoor temperatures, but they require significant energy to do that job. Additionally, they use refrigerant gas to chemically condense hot air, and they maintain cooling by expelling that hot air outdoors. These factors make them a less environmentally-friendly choice.



你所做的就是你出去的东西!This motivational statement has real implications when it comes to evaporative coolers. These three variables are essential for getting the most out of an evaporative cooler:

  • Ambient Air Humidity

湿度和相反,缺乏湿度莫st critical element of evaporative cooling. The drier the incoming air, the greater the amount of water vapor that will be evaporated into the outgoing air, and the greater the cooling power. Evaporative coolers work best in arid or semi-arid regions that have relative humidity below 60%. Humid climates inhibit evaporation since the incoming air is already saturated with moisture.

  • 单位水温

The colder the circulating water, the brisker the outgoing air. Many evaporative coolers will include an ice compartment, which you can load with ice and substantially

  • 通风




  • Portable Indoor Evaporative Coolers

Browse Honeywell Evaporative Coolers on Amazon

方形镜头 Recommended CFM
Up to 250 sq. ft. 200 to 750 CFM
250到500平方英尺。 750至2000 CFM
500 to 1,000 sq. ft. 2000到4000 CFM
1,000到2,000平方英尺。 4,000至7,500 CFM
超过2,000平方英尺。 超过7,500碳水化合物

  • Portable Outdoor Evaporative Coolers

These rugged models are built to withstand the elements. Weatherproof, with some models connecting to an outdoor water supply for continuous cooling, they add a fresh breeze to your deck, patio or pool areas. Portacool offers a range of rugged and heavy-duty outdoor portable swamp coolers that are built for large open areas, perfect for outdoor events and backyard areas.Browse Portacool on Amazon

If you are looking for outdoor cooling for smaller areas on your patio or backyard, Honeywell offers a range of stylish portable outdoor coolers. The newest outdoor cooler from Honeywell has a sleek modern design while sporting a powerful blower for fast and long air throw. Designed for outdoor living, it is equipped with two beverage holders and a small storage compartment.在亚马逊看到霍尼韦尔的户外线

  • 整个房子或窗户安装蒸发冷却器

This final category is the most powerful of residential evaporative coolers. They are permanently installed into the window or mounted onto the roof, are hooked up to the home’s water supply, and essentially become a complete alternative to central air. Essick Air and Champion are reliable brands for whole house/ window mounted evaporative coolers.
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Whatever your purchase, in the right climate, evaporative cooling is an economical, eco-friendly option to cooling your home, providing you with comfort without sacrificing your wallet.

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