Though your front door plays a pivotal role in welcoming guests into your home, it can also serve as the entry point for unwanted visitors. The majority of home break-ins occur through the front door, which has several vulnerable parts. In this article, you will find methods for minimizing front door break-ins by strengthening the door’s weakest points and buying the right hardware.






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Cylindrical lockset has workings that fit into a large hole. This type of lock is only marginally secure.©Nikitabuida /

Buy the Right Lock Cylinder

Your door’s lock cylinder can be attacked in several ways. Burglars can attempt drilling, bumping, or picking the lock. If your door lock cylinder does not have internal features to guard against these kinds of attacks, a burglar can bypass your front door locks and thwart your home security relatively easily.

Find Local Pre-Screened Locksmiths

High-security door lock cylinders usually have mechanisms that reduce the probability of a successful lock picking, lock bumping, or lock drilling attack. If you understand锁定的基础知识, it will be easier to comprehend the methods of prevention.



Fortify Door Hinges

Door hinges keep your door hung properly on the frame and are an integral part of overall door infrastructure. However, they present a unique vulnerability. If burglars are not able to bypass your door locks, they will most likely target your door hinges. An attack on your door hinges can potentially dislodge your entire door or pull out the frame, giving burglars easy access to your home.

High-security mortise-style locksets can have multiple bolts made of case-hardened steel.©Studiosmart /


To shore up this vulnerability, you can change the direction your door opens so that it utilizes inward facing hinges. This can be a tough job to carry out, especially if you are not a seasoned do-it-yourselfer.



The strike plate is an additional piece of metal meant to hold the lock bolt in place where it enters the door frame. The use of a strike plate is a great way to reinforce the overall security of your lock, but if your strike plate is not properly installed, it will ultimately do very little in a brute force attack. If a door doesn’t have a properly-installed strike plate, burglars can easily kick down your door or pry the lock bolt out of the door jamb.


当踢门时,最有可能的失败点将是罢工板 - 螺钉仅在框架上撕裂,打碎了固定螺栓的材料。但是更长的螺钉(至少长2到3英寸)不会无裂。这个简单的过程增加了您的安全性十倍。


增加你的前门的安全是一个essential task that all homeowners have to consider at some point, but always keep in mind that there are other additional alternatives that bolster your security as well. For instance, the use of安全fences,家庭安全警报系统有效的照明all go a long way to keep your home more secure.

- 里拉夫·古德曼(Ralph Goodman)